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Amazon Kindle Tablet Deals This Week - Get Decent Discounts on Kindle Fire HDX, Kindle E-Readers - Gadget Insiders


Amazon Kindle Tablet Deals This Week – Get Decent Discounts on Kindle Fire HDX, Kindle E-Readers


Amazon Kindle Tablet Deals This Week - Get Decent Discounts on Kindle Fire HDX, Kindle E-ReadersIt’s been a while since the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX got launched and released, which is why many are speculating on whether Amazon has a follow-up in the making, or when such a device will be released. A sighting from last week suggests that such a sequel to the Kindle Fire HDX may not be too far away, though unfortunately, it happens to be an AnTuTu benchmark, one of the easiest leaks to doctor or to fake.

The device spotted in the benchmark seems to be a next-generation Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9” with a new processor under the hood and a new operating platform as well, though rumors suggest that it may be largely the same in terms of design and other basic specs.

The possibility of another Kindle Fire HDX tablet in the offing notwithstanding, Amazon’s existing Kindle devices can be purchased for less on its own retail website. Whether you’re looking for a Kindle e-reader or a Kindle Fire tablet computer, you’re sure to find a deal that you’ll like, and we shall now get into the specifics and look at some of these discount device options.

Amazon’s Kindle e-readers appear to be selling at full price, but the good thing is that they’re substantially more affordable than most Kindle Fire tablets. The 6-inch Kindle e-reader with E-Ink display, Wi-Fi and Amazon “Special Offers” costs only $69.99, with used items costing as low as $50, while the newer Paperwhite with Wi-Fi and a built-in reading light as key features and Special Offers costs $119. For those who aren’t familiar with Amazon’s terminology, “Special Offers” are Amazon’s term for pop-up advertisements, and buyers can typically pay an additional $15 or so if they want an Amazon device that doesn’t come with these ads and plugs.

The Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7” was released in 2012 as a vastly-upgraded midrange offering, and the base version also happens to be selling at full retail, with a price of $139 with Special Offers. Fortunately, though, the Kindle Fire HDX 7” with 16 GB storage, 4G LTE connectivity and Special Offers is selling for $100 off, or $229 instead of the regular price of $329. The Wi-Fi only Kindle Fire HDX 7” (also with 16 GB storage and advertisements) is also selling on the cheap, with a sale price of $199 and a full retail price of $229.

Leveling up to the 32 GB edition of the Kindle Fire HDX 7” with Special Offers and Wi-Fi only support will have you paying just $219, or $50 off the original list price of $269.

Earlier, we told you about the purported Kindle Fire HDX 8.9” sequel. If the possibility of an incremental upgrade doesn’t appeal to you, then you can get a nice deal on the original Fire HDX 8.9” with Wi-Fi support, Special Offers, and 16 GB storage, which is available on Amazon for $319 (reg. price $379). As for the Kindle Fire HD 8.9”, which is the previous-generation full-size tablet, Amazon has it as well, with refurbished units selling at only $199. Again, this price applies to the entry-level option with 16 GB storage, Wi-Fi, and Special Offers.

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