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Android L Rumor Roundup – What We Might Get when New Mobile OS Rolls Out


Reports suggest that Google will have a lot on its plate for October, with a new Nexus tablet, a new Nexus handset, and a new Android platform version to be rolled out soon. Android L, or the “L Release,” as it’s being called, is expected to be the out-of-the-box operating system for the new Nexus 9 tablet and Nexus 6 phone, and this software may bring a sea change to the Android landscape. Android L, after all, may be showcasing a new look and feel for the basic Android user experience, while at the same time being the first Google OS to support 64-bit architecture. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the latest Android L rumors with possibly just a few hours remaining before its anticipated launch.

Android L Rumor Roundup - What We Might Get when New Mobile OS Rolls Out

To use the main definition of the term, Android L had actually gotten launched late in June, as Google briefly previewed the software at its 2014 I/O developer expo. A preview version allowed developers to get a sneak peak at the software months before its expected rollout, and it showcased what Google calls the Material Design paradigm. We call it a paradigm as it’s a wide-reaching set of rules and pointers for developers, and a basic reinvention of how Google’s operating systems look and feel like. This is expected to include a flatter, simpler look for Android, much like what we have been getting on the iOS user experience since Jony Ive ditched his predecessor’s skeuomorphism for a flatter approach starting on iOS 7.

Talking about Android L’s official name, there’s been talk that it would either be called Android 4.5 or Android 5.0, and many believe that Google will employ its usual game plan of naming new Android versions after desserts or sweets. The names Lollipop, Licorice, Lemon Meringue Pie, and Layer Cake have all gotten thrown around, but at the moment there’s nothing definite should Google stick to its old naming strategy. It’s also possible that Android L will simply be called Android L, Android 4.5, or Android 5.0, with Google doing away with the sweet treats. This would be if Google decides to go with the current trends and simplify its naming conventions.

However, it would now appear that the “L” in Android L may stand for “Licorice,” as that’s the theme the person behind Google’s Android statues is reportedly working on at the company’s Mountain View, Calif. headquarters. This could be a legitimate tease, though it could also be a case of the designer “trolling” consumers ahead of the formal Android L launch. Once the new Android statue for Android L is completed, we’re sure to see a splashy new video of the unboxing, just as we have in previous years.

The Android L launch may likely take place today, October 15, but if it doesn’t, others have pointed to Thursday, October 16 as the date of the new software’s arrival. As mentioned above, Android L may debut together with the Nexus 6 and Nexus 9. And talking about the software’s release date, rumors have alternately suggested November 1 and November 3, so that should be a little more than two weeks from now, and right in line with Google’s usual schedules for releasing a product after it gets unveiled.

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