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Apple iPhone 5S Will Include Faster A7 Processor, Motion Tracking as a Feature, Says Rumor



Fox News’ Clayton Morris tweeted Sunday that Apple’s next-generation iPhone, commonly referred to as the “iPhone 5S”, will come with an A7 chipset that is notably faster than its predecessor, while a motion tracking feature would be facilitated by another chip.

Apple iPhone 5S Will Include Faster A7 Processor, Motion Tracking as a Feature, Says Rumor

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Morris cited unnamed insiders in tipping the iPhone 5S to come with a homebrewed A7 chipset that is approximately 31 percent faster than the A6 processor that powers the present-generation iPhone 5. He added that a new chip to be used for “motion tracking” will make the next-generation flagship more interactive, hinting at what could be another new and unique feature and selling point for the device.

The iPhone 5S is expected to sport the same design as the iPhone 5, with merely incremental improvements to the device’s key specifications.

The Fox reporter didn’t mention what benchmarks were used to back up the supposition of the A7 chip being 31 percent faster than the A6, but if Morris’ tweet is accurate, then that should mean a marked and noticeable improvement in performance for the average device user.

The rumor, however, backed up a recent research note from KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, where the well-connected analyst said that Apple could achieve a 20 percent improvement in efficiency should it switch to ARMv8 architecture. He added that Apple may likely offer 64-bit support on its homebrewed A7, thus making it a good deal faster than the A6.

Morris’ separate tweet about the motion tracking system made mention of what “should be an interesting camera upgrade.” As it appears, this could suggest a post processor for the iPhone 5S’ camera system, which may come with the same 8-megapixel sensor, but with additional features such as a dual-LED flash.

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