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Apple Pay Problems Still Remain Over a Half-Year After Launch - Gadget Insiders


Apple Pay Problems Still Remain Over a Half-Year After Launch


apple payIt’s been a little over six months since the debut of Apple Pay, the company’s game-changing mobile payment feature that was first made available on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. And while that did indeed prove to be the “killer feature” on both devices, that doesn’t exactly mean that it’s been smooth sailing all the way for Apple Pay users. In fact, two-thirds of the system’s earliest adopters are suffering some sort of issue with it.

A survey from Phoenix Marketing International, commissioned by Bloomberg, revealed this week that about 66 percent of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users claimed that they’ve had problems with Apple Pay. Close to 50 percent of the respondents identified the problem as entering a store identified as an Apple Pay merchant, only for them to find out that they can’t honor Apple Pay after all. This was usually because the store didn’t accept the payment system, or wasn’t ready to accept it at the moment.

Other users complained that it took too long for them to complete a transaction via Apple Pay, and there was a percentage that said the store staff weren’t familiar with how to use Apple Pay. Worse, some respondents said on the survey that there were some transactions that got double-billed, or were improperly initiated.

It would indeed appear that a good number of these complaints are not to be chalked up to an Apple error, but rather to issues with the retailers or banks supposedly honoring the service. Specifically, it seems that these establishments haven’t properly trained their employees on how to process Apple Pay transactions, if at all.

The “horror stories” related by the customers on the survey, or in general, are quite facepalm-worthy on occasion. One Redditor said some time back that the Subway cashier was completely clueless on Apple Pay, adding that “a QR code appeared on the terminal, but there was no option on my phone to scan it.”

Yes, it does seem like a lot of retailers are stumped with Apple Pay, and we can only hope this changes soon.

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