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AT&T Charging Pad Offer for Nokia Lumia 920 Ends Next Thursday


AT&T Charging Pad Offer for Nokia Lumia 920 Ends Next Thursday


Customers hoping to purchase the Nokia Lumia 920 on AT&T with a free wireless charging pad can do so for at least a couple more days, as the carrier has just confirmed that the special offer will expire on Thursday, January 10. The charging plate, which is typically offered a la carte, allows users to charge their Lumia 920 units even when out on the road, with no electrical outlet to plug a charger in.

This should bode well for Lumia 920 sales in the United States, which have been comparatively lukewarm as opposed to markets such as China; Nokia has traditionally had a strong customer base in many Asian countries, particularly those in Southeast Asia.

Going back to China, there have been quite a few reports of the Lumia 920 selling out within 20 minutes at many retail stores in the country, although it’s hard to gauge how well it is doing in relation to the iPhone 5 and other top-selling devices. Nokia has yet to reveal sales figures thus far for the Lumia 920.

Also, there has been news of Nokia policing its inventory for the Lumia 920, only allowing for so many phones to be shipped to certain markets as part of its business strategy. Several orders for the device have not been fulfilled due to constrained supplies, and the Lumia 920’s unlocked price point has soared past the $750 mark on several third-party retail sites.

But that isn’t a unique situation for Windows Phone 8 devices, as the HTC Windows Phone 8X is also priced above $700 at these online retail stores.

Interested customers can find the Nokia Lumia 920 at Amazon Wireless as well, where it’s available for $99.99 with a two-year AT&T contract.

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