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Best Buy Pre-Christmas Specials Include Sweet Deals on iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3 - Gadget Insiders


Best Buy Pre-Christmas Specials Include Sweet Deals on iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3


Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2014 were both chock full of iPad deals, including discounts and gift cards for those purchasing the present-generation iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3. Yes, it was a great time to buy a new iPad, as these deals didn’t center exclusively on older iPads, including the surprisingly popular non-Retina iPad mini, but if you missed out on these specials, it’s not too late to save some money. Best Buy, which arguably led the charge when it came to those iPad deals, is now selling the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 for less, offering them among its many pre-Christmas 2014 specials.

The iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 were launched this fall and released very shortly thereafter, and while many have been critical about the fact both tablets aren’t too different from their predecessors, there’s enough in these new tablets for them to stand out in comparison to the iPad Air and iPad mini 2. For one, both tablets include Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint reader, and the iPad Air 2 measures only 7 millimeters thick, putting it right in between the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Further, the iPad Air 2 also supports Apple Pay, albeit only to a certain extent as it doesn’t come with NFC. With that backgrounder out of the way, read on as we’ll be telling you all about Best Buy’s iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 pre-Christmas discounts.

Best Buy Pre-Christmas Specials Include Sweet Deals on iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3

If you’re looking for a new iPad mini 3, you can buy the 16 GB Wi-Fi iPad mini 3 for just $349, which is $50 off the full price of $399. The 64 GB edition costs $424, which is $75 off the original $499 price, while the 128 GB version will cost you $499,or $100 less than the usual price tag of $599. Cellular editions are also subject to these tiered discounts, with the most expensive 128 GB Wi-Fi + Cellular edition costing $629, or $100 less than what you’d usually have to pay. All iPad mini 3 variants, may they be based on color, storage, or connectivity, are on sale, which gives shoppers multiple ways to save on the new 7.9-incher.

The iPad Air 2, on the other hand, has no such tiered discounts in place – all variants are selling for $50 off, which means the 16 GB Wi-Fi version will cost you $449 and not $499. Conversely, the highest-end configuration, which comes with 128 GB storage and Wi-Fi + cellular connectivity, now sells for $779, or $50 less than the previous price tag of $829. These aren’t as good as Best Buy’s $100 off deal on the iPad Air 2 on Black Friday, but the good thing is that all variants, regardless of storage, connectivity, or color, are selling at a lower price than full retail.

At the moment, it’s not sure when these deals would expire, but we’re assuming they’ll be around for a good part of the holiday shopping season, as consumers gear up for Christmas. But Best Buy’s iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 specials appear to be the best iPad deals available so far. No, we probably won’t be seeing deals as good as the ones we saw on Black Friday, but this shouldn’t be the last deal we’ll be seeing for Apple’s newest tablet computers.

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