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Best Buy's Xbox One Deal Lets You Effectively Buy Console for $200 - Gadget Insiders


Best Buy’s Xbox One Deal Lets You Effectively Buy Console for $200


Best Buy's Xbox One Deal Lets You Effectively Buy Console for $200Although, this new Xbox One deal isn’t a Black Friday deal per se, the holiday season is indeed fast approaching, and deals on the Xbox One and other hot tech items are adding up as the days draw closer to Black Friday. While Best Buy’s new Xbox One deal won’t give you any substantial cash discount on the new console, it does come with enough twists to reduce the console’s effective cost.

Best Buy’s website contains the mechanics of its new console deals, and as it turns out, they had actually begun on November 2, suggesting that Best Buy launched these offers with little fanfare. Buyers who trade in an Xbox 360 with 250 GB hard drive storage or the PS3 Slim would be given a sure $150 credit towards the purchase of Microsoft’s present-generation Xbox One. Combine this discount with the $50 price cut Microsoft announced for all Xbox One bundles, that increases the effective discount to an impressive $200.

So if you’re looking to buy the $399 Xbox One, or the Xbox One without Kinect 2, you’ll effectively be paying $199 for the console. The standard Xbox One with Kinect, on the other hand, would cost you $299 through the combination of cash discount and trade-in credit.

Like most other deals, there are some caveats to be aware of. The actual value of the trade-in credit is not one hundred fifty dollars – rather, it’s only $100. The remaining $50 credit comes in the form of a discount coupon on the Xbox One. This $100 credit can be used towards any other item, but the $50 discount coupon would only be valid for the Xbox One console. Also, you’ll have to remember that the $199 and $299 price tags we mentioned above come before taxes. Still, those aren’t the only catches present in Best Buy’s Xbox One deal, as you’ll see below.

The final, and arguably most important catch is this – according to Best Buy, only participating stores will accept trade-ins. Buyers can access a database on the Best Buy website and search for stores that do honor the above deal; these stores do not include Best Buy Mobile locations, and would typically come with a “Trade-In” logo as they appear on the database. It would also help for buyers to call their nearest Best Buy to make sure the store accepts trade-ins. But while this is another one of those “participating stores only” deals, it does offer some of the lowest effective prices to prospective Xbox One buyers.

On top of the $150 combined credit for trading in a 250 GB Xbox 360 or a PS3 Slim, Best Buy is also offering a $50 credit towards the price of an Xbox 360 for any Xbox 360 or PS3 console traded in. All of the items to be traded in, if we may add, must be in working condition in order for the credits to apply. The deal runs up until Saturday, November 15, after which Best Buy would revert to giving $100 worth of credit to buyers who trade in a 250 GB Xbox 360 or PS3 Slim.

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