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Bluetooth Speakers Deal Emerges on Amazon


Bluetooth Speakers Still Selling at Greatly Reduced Prices at U.S. Retailer


Over the weekend, Amazon’s Gold Box deals had included various Bluetooth speakers selling at lower prices than usual, and while these lightning-quick deals have since passed, the good news is that you can still buy these speakers today and still save a bundle off their full retail price. So if you missed out on those rock-bottom weekend prices, all is not lost, but we recommend buying the items sooner rather than later if you really want them; there’s no telling how much longer they’ll be selling for so low.

For starters, the Pyle Sound Box Splash Speakers in blue, green, and black were all selling for $43.99, or $112 less than their list price of $155.99. While the above price is no longer valid, of course, you can still buy each of the three aforementioned flavors at more than 50 percent off the full retail price. The blue version is the most expensive at $67.18, followed by the green version, which costs $61.43, and the black version, which can be had for only $60.89.

Pyle Bluetooth Speakers

You can also buy the orange-flavored Pyle Sound Box Splash for $61.02, and the white version for $64.51. Features and key specifications include IPX4 splash and shock resistance, six hours of battery life, and Android device pairing via NFC.

The Philips DOT Wireless Portable Bluetooth Splash Proof Speaker is another similar product that is resistant to splashes, while also being offered in various flavors, or color options. Over the weekend, all colors had sold for $34.99, or $25 less than the full price of $59.99, but now, pricing would vary slightly depending on the color you prefer. The black edition is now available for $43.89, while the blue and pink versions will set you back by $44.99, which is still $15 cheaper than the original price tag.

Amazon’s own AmazonBasics products were, and still are a staple of the retailer’s holiday deals, and that includes its Ultra-Portable Mini Bluetooth Speaker. Once again, we’re talking about a device that comes in different colors, though it doesn’t come with the same splash resistance the above products include as a selling feature. Originally $39.99, all available colors (black, blue, purple, red, and gray) now sell for $34.99, or $5 off; this is slightly more expensive than their weekend price of $27.99. But there’s far more to choose from beyond what we’ve already covered so far.

AmazonBasics Ultra-Portable Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Buyers who are looking for a more premium Bluetooth speaker this Christmas season still have some great ways to save money. The Eton Rugged Rukus All-Terrain Portable Solar Wireless Sound System once cost $129.99 and was selling over the weekend for $48.72, and you can now get the green version for $72.61 and the black version for $68.75. Specifications include eight hours of battery life, while special features are led off by the speaker’s solar panel, which offers “indefinite” power for the Rukus once exposed to the sun.

You can also save 52 percent off the price of the TDK Life on Record TREK Max A34 Wireless Weatherproof Speaker, which originally sold for $249.95 but can now be had for $119.99. That’s $22 more expensive than the item’s weekend price of $97.99, but still a big, 50 percent-plus discount off full-fat pricing.

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