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Cyber Week Deals on Newegg - Select HDTVs, Tablets and Monitors Discounted at Online Retailer - Gadget Insiders


Cyber Week Deals on Newegg – Select HDTVs, Tablets and Monitors Discounted at Online Retailer


Many consumers, at this time, are probably happy with their Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday hauls. The deals are seemingly over, the long waits in line have been worth it, and that probably means a break of a couple weeks before Christmas shopping. Then again, there are many others who may have missed out on those Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for one reason or another. These consumers may not have had enough funds at that time, or they may have decided to avoid the rush, hoping something would be left by the time Cyber Monday is over and done with.

The bad news is that there don’t seem to be too many so-called “Cyber Week” deals as there were last year – perhaps that’s to take into account the potential of deal burnout, or overspending, which is never a good thing. But the good news for those who didn’t take advantage of those hot Black Friday and Cyber Monday specials is that Newegg has decided to offer a new round of deals for today. The retailer calls today’s sale Encore Tuesday, and here are some of the items you can save on.

Cyber Week Deals on Newegg - Select HDTVs, Tablets and Monitors Discounted at Online Retailer

The past few days were a great time for buyers to snap up a new HDTV, and if you were in the market for a new HD television set at that time, Newegg has something you may like. The LG 49LB5550 HDTV has a 49-inch display, 1080p video, and 60 Hz refresh rate, and while it doesn’t come with smart features, it’s fairly affordable at $389.99, a whopping 44 percent discount off the original price of $699.99. You’ll have to pay $9.99 shipping, but you’ll still be paying close to $400 for a TV set that normally costs seven hundred dollars.

The iView SupraPad 7-inch tablet is one of many “budget tablets” that use “Google Certified” as a selling point, even if it’s a back-to-basics slate that is probably best as a starter device for new tablet users. Like the LG HDTV above, it’s also selling for 44 percent off, or $49.99 instead of the full price of $89.99.

You can also save big money on peripheral items like the Asus VE247H monitor, which is a 23.6-inch, 1920 x 1080 Full HD monitor that comes with built-in speakers, and HDMI, D-Sub, and DVI-D support as features. Pricing was originally $209.99, but Newegg is selling it for $159.99, or 24 percent off; pricing goes down to $139.99 after an instant $20 mail-in rebate. Also available is the Dell S2740L 27-inch widescreen LED monitor, which also sports Full HD resolution. Original pricing was $399.99, but has been reduced for today to $229.99.

Buyers who are looking for an off-branded 4K HDTV set on the cheap can buy the Changhong 42-inch HDTV, which Newegg is selling for $649.99, or 28 percent less than the original $899.99 price tag. But aside from those HDTVs, monitors, and tablets, you can also get a good deal on budget desktops like the HP DX7400 config with dual-core processor, 4 GB RAM, and 1 TB hard drive space. Original pricing was $299.99 and discount pricing would initially be $165, or 45 percent off, though mailing in the instant rebate card that comes with the item will save you an additional $40 off, knocking the price down to $125.

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