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Editorial Team - Gadget Insiders

Editorial Team


Erik Grentz


Erik is the founder and chief executive editor of Gadget Insiders online news publication. His vast experience in the field of technology enables him to share his insights and knowledge with the staff. He oversees the operations at Gadget Insiders.

Robert Walczak

Senior Writer

Robert is a Krakow-based senior editor and writer specialized on smartphones and mobile technology with more than 5 years experience under his belt. He has a strong interest in Apple products and enjoys covering everything related to the iPhone.

Richard Frye

Senior Writer

Richard is a senior writer, whose experience as an editor and syndicated writer spans over 12 years. He primarily focuses on subjects related to Android and mobile apps, whilst he also keeps tracking the latest mobile technology developments.

Danielle Nilson

Senior Writer

Danielle is a Swedish journalist who has covered various technology and social media topics through the last 4 years. In the past she has worked as a tech news reporter in several online news outlets, gaining experience about gadgets and social media.

Mark Deering

Junior Writer

Mark is a console addict, who covers everything related to PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo as well as reporting on the latest games. When he is not actively writing, you can probably find him playing Fifa online, on his favourite PS3 console.

Ken Mildenhall

Senior Writer

Ken is a senior gadget writer and tech analyst. He has been entrenched in the technology scene since many years, working for various leading IT publications. He likes tinkering with computers, tablets and phones and sharing his experiences.

Brian Fulcher

Senior Writer

Brian is a contributing writer.


Adam Majewski

Junior Writer

Adam is a contributing writer.