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Galaxy Note 3 with Curved Display to Be Released in October, Samsung Confirms - Gadget Insiders


Galaxy Note 3 with Curved Display to Be Released in October, Samsung Confirms


It has seemingly been confirmed by Samsung that it will indeed be releasing a variant of the Galaxy Note 3 phablet with a so-called “curved display.” This comes mere days after separate rumors from Asia had hinted at Samsung expanding its list of Galaxy Note 3 offerings to include two new devices – a lower-end version of the Galaxy Note 3, and a special edition that comes with a curved flexible display.Galaxy Note 3 with Curved Display to Be Released in October, Samsung ConfirmsThe rumors were apparently confirmed by Samsung’s head of marketing strategy D.J. Lee, who told Reuters that Samsung will be debuting a phone with a “curved display” sometime in October, albeit in the company’s native Korea for the meantime. Lee added that this device, which he didn’t specify as a Galaxy Note 3 variant, may likely be out in other markets by early 2014.

However, the operative word here is “curved display”; that doesn’t necessarily mean flexible display. So while the terms may sound similar, it might be a bit too early to celebrate, if you’re one of those who were disappointed when the Galaxy Note 3 was launched in early September without mention of a flexible display as a selling point.

While Lee decided to play it coy when making his statements to Reuters, there’s still a good chance that the device he was referring to may come with a flexible curved display. Samsung has long been toying around with flexible display prototypes at tech expos like CES, and though the technology has gotten delayed a bit, now may be the right time to step in and make flexible display a selling point on certain consumer electronics devices. That shouldn’t be misconstrued as the display or the device coming with shape-shifting qualities, but rather the display and the device being less susceptible to damage or, in the display’s case, virtually unbreakable.

Aside from Samsung, fellow Korean company LG has also been in the news and believed to be working on a handset with a flexible display.

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