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HTC One M9: How to Optimize Phone's Battery Life? - Gadget Insiders


HTC One M9: How to Optimize Phone’s Battery Life?


htc one m9If you want a brand new handset that’s evolutionary as opposed to being revolutionary, then the HTC One M9 will probably suit you just fine. Though, that’s not to say that only a few things have changed from the HTC One M8; the One M9, after all, boasts of Quick Charge 2.0 among its features, and a larger battery and power-efficient Snapdragon 810 chipset among its specs. This adds up to give you a device with improved battery life, though we should also face it – sometimes all that battery juice might not be enough.

One tip that blog articles typically suggest, regardless of the device, is for users to close apps that they aren’t using. That’s rather simplistic, and it’s a case of going for the very obvious. So what can you do that isn’t really obvious as far as battery-saving tips go?

To cite one example, you can go to your phone’s Settings, then go to Display and Gestures, then to Brightness to reduce your HTC One M9’s brightness. Leaving it on Auto isn’t really the best way to save on battery life, so we’d suggest somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 percent in most situations. Setting display sleep time, or the time it takes for your display to stay powered on, may also help – you don’t want your HTC One M9’s display on for minutes. Seconds would be much better, perhaps 15 to 30 seconds or so.

You can also check your phone to make sure you’ve got Wi-Fi, GPS, and/or Bluetooth turned off if you’re not using them. Turning off Wi-Fi in a public place is especially important if you don’t need to be logged on to the Internet – the HTC One M9, after all, will keep searching for networks if Wi-Fi is on. You can also disable auto-syncing for Gmail or other apps, as that could also drain your battery significantly if your device keeps on checking for emails every few minutes or so.

Last, but not the least, the HTC One M9 comes with its own feature, or should we say app, that allows for optimization of one’s battery life. The Battery Guru program from Qualcomm would learn your device usage habits and do the turning off of certain apps or settings for you, based on the usage habits it has learned.

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