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HTC One M9 Rumor Roundup - Pre-MWC 2015 Recap of New HTC Flagship Phone’s Details - Gadget Insiders


HTC One M9 Rumor Roundup – Pre-MWC 2015 Recap of New HTC Flagship Phone’s Details


HTC will be unveiling its next flagship phone, the One M9, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next Sunday, March 1. With one week to go before this major event, what can we expect from the Taiwanese company’s next-generation flagship phone? We’ve synthesized the rumors and leaks, and with the HTC One M9’s upcoming launch in mind, here’s a final rumor recap ahead of MWC 2015.

The HTC One M8 didn’t arrive at MWC 2014, contrary to what some had expected, but the device did make its debut shortly thereafter (March 25, 2014), and get released on the same day as it launch. The handset is set to be followed up by the HTC One M9, a device that was apparently codenamed “Hima,” with the One M9 and Hima once thought to be similar, but ultimately different devices. So with that backdrop out of the way, let’s take you to the meat of the story and synthesize those HTC One M9 rumors in one easy-to-read rumor roundup.

HTC One M9 Concept

Design is one of the most important, if not the most important factors consumers keep in mind when buying a phone, and one would think that HTC shouldn’t fix what isn’t broken when it comes to the One M9. However, a report from HTCSource claims that the One M9 will look very different from its predecessor, which is sort of like how automakers refresh their vehicles’ designs every few years or so.

For the One M9, HTC will supposedly be going for an edge-to-edge display, and reducing the size of its BoomSound speakers. This was shown on a leak from the notorious, yet accurate @evleaks, and as we can see on his leaked photos, the HTC One M9 seems to come with cleaner lines, which also helps the device look smaller than its screen size suggests. Don’t expect any change to the available flavors, or color options, but do expect HTC to stick with aluminum as a build material.

HTC One M9 Rumor Roundup - Pre-MWC 2015 Recap of New HTC Flagship Phone’s Details

Apart from what we mentioned above, the HTC One M9’s basic features, mainly its volume controls, also may be changing. So with that said, we shall move on now to specifications. Most rumors suggest that the One M9 will come with a 5.5-inch QHD display, but leaked images from another trustworthy source, @LlabTooFeR, now suggest that the device will again come with 1080p display resolution.

A separate benchmark corroborated that, showing that the One M9 will have a Full HD display, albeit with a 5-inch display size. As for the phone’s cameras, it seems good as given that HTC will move its 4 Ultrapixel camera up front and go with a conventional 20.7-megapixel sensor for the rear shooter, though the above mentioned benchmark claims the One M9 will sport a 12-megapixel front camera.

Other rumored specs include a 2.3 GHz Snapdragon 810 eight-core processor mated to 3 GB RAM, 32 GB internal memory with microSD expansion, Android 5.0.1 Lollipop with the HTC Sense 7.0 UX on top, and a battery around 3,000 mAh. Talking about features, BoomSound speakers appear to be good as confirmed, while Sense 7.0 should come with its share of differentiating software features to ensure the One M9 is unique from the rest of the pack. Lastly, the HTC One M9’s release date may or may not take place on or around the same time as its launch, but we don’t see it falling any later than the last week of March, so as to allow a one-year gap in between HTC One iterations.

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