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iOS 7 Launch Touted to Take Place at WWDC 2013



iOS 7 Launch Touted to Take Place at WWDC 2013An unconfirmed report from tech blog Gotta Be Mobile suggests that iOS 7 could be unveiled on June 10 at the 2013 Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple’s annual developers’ expo that usually serves as a launching pad for several new Apple products.

As WWDC usually hosts the launching of new iOS versions, as well as several iPhone, iPod and MacBook iterations in the past, the possibility of iOS 7 at WWDC 2013 makes sense.

According to the report, an unnamed developer told the site that WWDC 2013 could take place from June 10 through June 14, information culled from the Moscone Center’s calendar openings. Typically, WWDC is held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, although the location will also be hosting Google’s 2013 I/O conference in May. Chances are it wouldn’t take long for WWDC 2013 tickets to sell out, despite the prohibitive cost ($1,600 per ticket), which is why developers are expecting Apple to send many a notification to remind them of the event and when tickets go on sale.

The chances of an iOS 7 launch at WWDC 2013 are quite good, considering that iOS 5 and iOS 6 were launched at WWDC 2011 and WWDC 2012 respectively. These versions were kept in beta for 120 and 90 days respectively ahead of the next iPhone release, which marked two of the longest times a new mobile platform was kept by Apple in beta testing mode. This would suggest an August release date for iOS 7, but if that would be the case, that would effectively negate rumors of the iPhone 5S launching in June, perhaps at WWDC 2013.

Still, there’s also a possibility Apple won’t keep iOS 7 in beta for that long, so as to allow the company to release the iPhone 5S in June, or possibly in July. After all, the iPhone 5S is expected to be an incremental upgrade, with screen size most likely to remain at four inches.

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