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iOS 8.1 Rumors - What Can We Expect, and When Can We Expect from New Update? - Gadget Insiders

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iOS 8.1 Rumors – What Can We Expect, and When Can We Expect from New Update?


Legions of Apple device owners all around the world couldn’t want it anymore sooner – when and where will iOS 8.1 be launching? This update, according to reports, may be the first major upgrade iOS 8 will be receiving since it first rolled out to consumers in September. But why is this software so eagerly waited? Let’s take a trip down (bad) memory lane and add some framing to this new story.

iOS 8.1 Rumors - What Can We Expect, and When Can We Expect from New Update?

We’ll have to go back to September 17, which was when Apple rolled out iOS 8 to most iPad and iPhone users. Not long after, iOS 8 started shipping with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, and it may have been sooner when we saw our first set of unhappy customers. Those upset customers seemed to multiply exponentially, and after iOS 8.0.1 turned out to create more problems than it had solved, Apple pulled the new update until things were smoothened out. These issues, for those who don’t remember, include poor cellular reception and improvement to Touch ID regarding certain problems with the fingerprint reader. That’s why Apple quickly rushed out iOS 8.0.2, which seemed to fix the Touch ID and connectivity problems, but many other myriad issues didn’t seem to be getting any better with the new software.

So this all leads us back to the present time, where users are desperately trying to get rid of their iPhone and iPad issues with a more comprehensive update. That update should be iOS 8.0.2, and just a few weeks back, Apple did its part to make sure that the software works, but that obviously hasn’t happened for many. Meanwhile, Apple has rolled out two betas – iOS 8.1 beta one and iOS 8.1 bet two. The fact that two betas were completed within a short period of time suggests that Apple won’t make customers wait for iOS 8.

iOS 8.1 Rumors - What Can We Expect, and When Can We Expect from New Update?

Release information on iOS 8.1, which covers more than just mere release date, should be forthcoming as we draw closer to the launch event. But going back to history, Apple does seem to have a tendency to wait months before rolling out a new version of iOS. Earlier this month, Apple promised quick updates to iOS 8, with the updates taking place this month, and with close to the first half of the month complete, that iOS 8.1 rollout may come in quicker than you expected.

While October 16 could very well be iOS 8.1’s release date, such information also remains largely unknown. Still, pundits are expecting the software to get a release in late October to November. October 21 has been singled out as a very likely date, and if that happens, we should also expect some sort of Apple Pay-related announcement.

We don’t quite know what specific fixes will be included in iOS 8.1, but looks at preliminary change logs suggest that both iOS 8.1 beta and iOS 8.2 beta came with their share of entries. That doesn’t mean Apple device owners should expect iOS 8.1 to be a definitive bug squasher that takes care of each and every problem on their iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. In fact, there’s a good chance the software will come with its own share of kinks – something that’s happened time and again with iOS version upgrades.

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