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iOS 8.2 Release Date Could Be Falling in March 2015 in Preparation for Apple Watch - Gadget Insiders

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iOS 8.2 Release Date Could Be Falling in March 2015 in Preparation for Apple Watch


Last week, Apple made it official at the company’s quarterly earnings call for the fiscal first quarter of 2015, as CEO Tim Cook said that the Apple Watch will be out in the market by April. Ahead of that release date, it seems that Apple may be getting ready for Watch’s long-awaited touchdown in stores by releasing iOS 8.2 sometime next month.

BGR claims in a new report that Apple is planning to roll out iOS 8.2 in March, though an exact rollout date was not mentioned – for sure, we’ll be seeing the software make its way to iDevice users ahead of the Apple Watch’s official release date. The report adds that this may be so because Apple wants to get iOS 8.2 out to device owners and squash all the bugs it can squash so it can ensure Watch is ready for showtime once its April release date hits. iOS 8.2 has had five beta versions ahead of the release, and that’s usually a good sign it wouldn’t be much longer before the public release date takes place.

iOS 8 Concept

iOS 8.2 is expected to be a major upgrade for Apple device owners, as this will mark the first time an iOS update will come with baked-in support for the Apple Watch. The five betas that have been released to developers so far come with the WatchKit software development kit (SDK), so that means devs have been hard at work at creating third-party apps for Apple’s companion smartwatch.

The Apple Watch was first announced in September, alongside the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, and while those two flagship phones were released just ten days later, it looks like Apple will make it a seven-month gap between the initial arrival and release of Watch.

Aside from the arrival of Apple Watch support, iOS 8.2 is also expected to come with its share of bug fixes and stability updates, the latter of which could be helpful in improving performance for Apple’s iPhones and iPads. This is especially true with the iPhone 4s and iPad 2, which are the oldest gadgets that run on iOS 8. Still, reports are mostly telling us that the Apple Watch will be the main focus of the iOS 8.2 update.

But what about the Apple Watch? What can buyers expect with about two months remaining before its release date? It does run on iOS, but the user experience isn’t even similar to that on the iPad and iPhone. One example would be making use of a dial to zoom in and zoom out of Watch’s display, instead of the usual pinching techniques supported by the iPhone and iPad. Pressing the dial would return users to the home screen – Apple calls this feature the “digital crown.”

Still, there are similarities on Watch’s user experience that can be mentioned. For example, you can view your notifications by swiping, and if you swipe up from the bottom, you can customize widgets, listen to music, or view your calendar for appointments. Watch will also be available in three distinct variants, though we only know the price of the base version ($349) so far.

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