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iPad Air Deal Offers Buyers Big Discount on 128 GB Variant - Gadget Insiders


iPad Air Deal Offers Buyers Big Discount on 128 GB Variant


ipad air dealThe rumored iPad Pro may be a bit farther off than we’d hoped, as the device was nowhere to be seen at Apple’s recent Spring Forward event, but if you’re looking for discounts on the previous-generation iPad Air, you can get a great one through retailer B&H Photo, which is selling the 128 GB variant for only $529.

We must stress that this is the original iPad Air, and not the current iPad Air 2 we’re talking about here. It’s still a bit hard to find iPad Air 2 deals at this point in the game, but as far as the first-gen iPad Air goes, this is one of the best prices we’ve seen for the 128 GB version. The device usually sells for $829, which makes B&H’s current discount a rather significant $300 off. As an added perk, the variant that’s on sale comes with 4G LTE support, so you get more than just a whole lot of storage space, but also super-fast Internet speeds.

Since we’ve still got a good eight months before Black Friday shopping kicks off once again, this is a very exciting deal, and one of the few iPad deals we’ve seen since the start of the year. In January, the iPad Air 2 was discounted by $100, but that offer has long expired. That makes it important for you to take advantage of B&H Photo’s special pricing, as it might not be up for long.

Otherwise, your best bet may be to wait until Black Friday, which is when all those straight-up cash discounts and so-called “deals with a twist” become available once again.

Then again, most consumers might want to sit the fence and wait till holiday shopping season. 128 GB, after all, is a heck of a lot of space for a tablet computer, and casual users who generally use their slates for gaming or for watching movies or listening to music may likely pass up. But if you’re a power user who needs an iPad for work, or probably someone who wants access to as much multimedia as possible while on the go, then we believe this iPad deal is right for you.

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