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iPad Pro Case Sighted, Stokes Flames for Potential 13-Inch Tablet Release - Gadget Insiders


iPad Pro Case Sighted, Stokes Flames for Potential 13-Inch Tablet Release


One of the most active sources of leaked images has struck again, and it’s in the form of a tablet case that may confirm the existence of a 12- or 13-inch Apple tablet unofficially known as the iPad Pro.

The image source is, a French tech site that has been especially busy when it comes to leaking out Apple-related images, including those of unannounced devices and the features and parts located therein. In this situation, though, it’s a giant tablet case that looks to be designed for the iPad Pro. No exact size was given, but made use of the iPad Air 2’s case as a point of reference, and a way to illustrate how the supposed iPad Pro case is much bigger. But since the case doesn’t have a SIM card cutout among its features, this could point to the case being for a Wi-Fi only iPad Pro.

iPad Pro Case

This is actually the second iPad Pro case we’ve seen leaked by NowhereElse, though the first one, while similar in appearance, came with a SIM card cutout as a key design feature. Other differences in terms of design include the new case having its top and bottom cases exposed. This calls to debate the possibility of the iPad Pro coming with stereo speakers as a selling point or not. Fortunately, the leaked case comes with cutouts for other features, such as the volume controls, the camera, the microphone, and the power button.

The case leak definitely gives us an insight into what features may or may not be present on the iPad Pro, but reports have been a bit light in recent weeks with regards to the tablet’s spec sheet. The iPad Pro is rumored to come with a 12.2-inch or 12.9-inch display with even higher Retina Display resolution than previous iPads, and may measure only seven millimeters thick, making the slate extremely skinny for a device of its screen size. The device may also come with a new Apple chipset and probably the same 8-megapixel rear camera as the iPad Air 2. But apart from its screen size, the iPad Pro is also expected to distinguish itself with the inclusion of the aforementioned stereo speakers as a primary selling point. Well-known and accurate analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities also hinted at a stylus as another key feature, so that may be something to look forward to as well.

iPad Pro vs iPad Air 2

Talking about the iPad Pro’s expected target market, we agree that the device may be best suited for graphics professionals and the educational space, though ordinary consumers should find a lot in the outsized tablet to like and to make good use of, even if it’s expected to slot in at a more premium price point than the iPad Air.

While has proven to be very solid in terms of rumor and leak accuracy, both iPad Pro case leaks deserve to be treated with more trepidation than the average leaked image. After all, we’ve heard the story so many times before – case manufacturer bases the design of a new case on unconfirmed rumors, and ends up eating crow when the actual device doesn’t match the design, thus reducing the cases to an example of vaporware.

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