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iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 Rumor Roundup This Week - Gadget Insiders

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iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 Rumor Roundup This Week


The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are still selling big in the smartphone market, though talk of Apple’s next smartphone, which may be called iPhone 6s and/or iPhone 7, has been firing up for quite a while. In retrospect, this isn’t too different from the usual iPhone release cycle, where people start talking about the next iPhone mere months after the new model’s release. So how are all these rumors stacking up, and what’s in it for you if you’re looking forward to Apple’s 2015-model year flagship?

iphone 7

If Apple will stay true to tradition, it will be naming its 2015 flagship iPhone 6s. However, there is a chance that Apple will eschew that tradition and name the device iPhone 7. Or there may be an iPhone 6s, an iPhone 6s Plus, and an iPhone 7 – wild rumors have been swirling regarding this possibility, though we’re more inclined to believe talk of a possible iPhone 6c joining the 6s and 6s Plus. Other sources say, that Apple may skip the “s” model and go right on and release an iPhone 7, if the often-reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities is to be believed.

In terms of release details, the iPhone 6s or iPhone 7 may arrive in September as new iPhones often had. We could be talking a launch in the second Tuesday of the month, with the actual release date following on the third Friday of September. But if certain rumors ring true and Apple’s new iPhone arrives toward the end of the month, that could mean an early October release date. That’s still a fair enough launch/release schedule, as more companies are leaving gaps of more than 12 months between flagship phone releases.

Moving on to the iPhone 6s/iPhone 7’s specifications, features, and design, there might not be too many changes if Apple will be following history and releasing an iPhone 6s this fall. Design lines may not be too different, for one, same with available flavors (color options). Display size, all the more, may not change this year, neither should camera quality, which may remain at 8 megapixels.

Apple may likely make sure that the iPhone 6s/iPhone 7’s camera is improved, which is backed up by rumors of DSLR-quality photo tech on the device. One spec that may change is RAM, as Apple’s A9 chip for the iPhone 6s/iPhone 7 may be mated to 2 GB, instead of 1 GB of RAM. Lastly, some have speculated about the chance of a reversible USB connector as one of the next iPhone’s features.

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