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Is the Samsung Galaxy S4 Overrated?


Is the Samsung Galaxy S4 Overrated?


Is the Samsung Galaxy S4 Overrated? Thanks to a heavily-promoted and arguably overblown media event that was held in New York on March 14, some believe that Samsung may have attracted too much attention by giving its Galaxy S4 flagship an extravagant launch.

Industry criticism notwithstanding, the Galaxy S4 does appear to be shaping up to become a tremendous hit in the smartphone market, one bigger than its predecessor, the Galaxy S3. According to UK retailer Phones 4U, demand for the Galaxy S4 is 40 percent higher than it was for the Galaxy S3. And even if pre-orders have not yet started in the major markets, it’s a foregone conclusion that cavalcades of smartphone buyers will want to be among the first to own a Galaxy S4.

It isn’t just because of the Galaxy S4 hype machine – with enhanced specifications and tons of new features, the Galaxy S4 has enough in it to stand separately from other 5-inch, 1080p competitors. For those in emerging markets, the rumored Galaxy S4 Mini could also provide an alternative to those who may find its “big brother” a bit too pricey.

It isn’t just certain industry watchers that have been scoring Samsung as of late – rival manufacturers have also been taking jabs at the South Korean juggernaut, including Apple and HTC. Apple had created its own page listing a reason why its iPhone is better than other handsets, and that wasn’t long after the Galaxy S4 launch.

As for HTC, President of Global Sales Jason McKenzie had recently opined that Samsung had “invested a lot in marketing instead of innovation.” HTC has also been quite direct in lambasting the Galaxy S4, dubbing the handset as “the next big flop”, the exact opposite of Samsung’s “Next Big Thing” catchphrase for its high-end devices. In addition, HTC had recently announced it will increase its marketing budget by 250 percent to give it further leverage against Samsung and other smartphone makers.

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