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Lenovo Vibe Z3 Pro Specs Leak Out, Handset Could Feature Snapdragon 810 Processor, 4 GB RAM - Gadget Insiders


Lenovo Vibe Z3 Pro Specs Leak Out, Handset Could Feature Snapdragon 810 Processor, 4 GB RAM


If a recent leak is to be believed, the Lenovo Vibe Z3 Pro will be arriving at the 2015 Mobile World Congress with a world-class powertrain, one that effectively makes the Chinese company’s flagship a virtual equivalent to 200-mph supercars in the automotive space.

The Vibe Z3 Pro is sure to be hitting the scene at MWC 2015, which will be kicking off on March 2 in Barcelona, Spain. According to leaks procured by Gizmodo China, the Lenovo Vibe Z3 Pro will retain the aggressive, bold feel that we saw on its predecessor, the Vibe Z2 Pro. The phone’s edges are especially bold in appearance, while the phone also seems to come with a metallic bumper similar to the one on the iPhone 5s. Talking about basic external features, the Vibe Z3 Pro’s speakers are located on the bottom with a drilled-hole grille design, while the power button is located on the phone’s side. Design-wise, overall, we’re looking at a phone whose design is as sporty as its basic specs suggest it is, and we shall be getting to that area right now.

Lenovo Vibe Z3 Pro

As a quick backgrounder on the Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro that was announced and released in 2014, the phone comes with a 64-bit, eight-core MediaTek processor. Eight-core is impressive no matter how you look at it, but MediaTek is best known as a maker of chips for lower-end and midrange phones. That appears to have changed with the Vibe Z3 Pro, which will reportedly come with a Snapdragon 810 processor under the hood. That’s Qualcomm’s 64-bit processor that will be making its way to a number of devices in 2015, and according to Gizmodo China’s sources, the chip will be mated to a whopping 4 GB RAM.

Internal storage is said to be at 64 GB. As for other meat-and-potatoes basics, the Lenovo Vibe Z3 Pro is expected to include a 5.5-inch display, 2560 x 1440 display resolution, and a 16-megapixel rear camera, with Android 5.0 Lollipop out of the box. Also, the phone’s battery is said to be 3,400 mAh.

Sadly, we don’t know much about the Vibe Z3 Pro’s special features, or whether it’s going to have some “party tricks” that help set it apart from other flagship phones in the market. But we can definitely say that the presence of a Snapdragon 810 processor and 4 GB RAM makes the Vibe Z3 Pro special enough as it is.

As the Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro has only been out in select markets for about six months, this makes it sound rather peculiar that the company is working on a follow-up so quickly. Then again, this could be what Lenovo needs to make a bigger impact outside its home country of China and traditional strongholds of Asia and Europe. The company, after all, is much-better known to Western customers as a maker of laptops, while its phones don’t really make much of an impact in the North American market at all. We should know for sure at MWC 2015, however, how Lenovo plans to go about marketing the Vibe Z3 Pro.

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