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Microsoft Teases Black Friday 2014 Deals, But Stops Short of Leaking Them Out - Gadget Insiders

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Microsoft Teases Black Friday 2014 Deals, But Stops Short of Leaking Them Out


The run-up to Black Friday 2014 has seen its share of advance deal sightings, and it’s also seen a few retailers, including Target, announce their Black Friday deals in advance. But at this juncture, deal announcements are still cropping up, and more deals are getting spotted before they are officially announced. In Microsoft’s case, the company took a rather peculiar route as it teased yesterday its upcoming specials on tech items for Black Friday 2014.

Though, Microsoft didn’t put all its eggs in a basket, so to say, and reveal all of its Black Friday 2014 deals, the Redmond company did share a few deals yesterday morning. And as it turns out, the retailer looks to be offering specials on Windows-powered laptops, Windows Phone handsets, and the Xbox One video game console. However, there’s a bit of a catch to Microsoft’s tease, and that’s the lack of discount pricing information as of the moment.

Microsoft Teases Black Friday 2014 Deals, But Stops Short of Leaking Them Out

It’s anybody’s guess as to how much buyers can stand to save, and for now, Microsoft has only one pre-Black Friday special worth mentioning – HP’s Stream 7 tablet. However, that budget-oriented Windows 8 slate is available for $99, which is just as much as what Amazon is now offering; that’s never a good thing when it comes to Black Friday deals.

Aside from that, everything remains up for speculation, and we can only guess what the best Microsoft deals on Black Friday 2014 will turn out to be. For the Xbox One, we do know that it will be put on sale on November 27, as the Xbox One with Kinect Assassin’s Creed Unity Bundle will be selling at a discounted price. Other discounted Xbox One bundles for Thanksgiving and Black Friday include the Assassin’s Creed Unity Bundle (without Kinect), and the Xbox One Limited Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Bundle.

For the previous-generation Xbox 360, Microsoft has already confirmed the 4 GB Peggle 2 Bundle and the basic 4 GB console will be available at lower prices. Microsoft hasn’t announced discount pricing for any of these packages, so we’ll have to sit tight, most possibly until we really draw close to Black Friday 2014, or Thanksgiving week.

We also know that many popular games will be offered at lower prices come Thanksgiving week, and these include, but probably won’t be limited to the following: Diablo 3, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Shadow of Mordor, Thief, Tomb Raider, Watch Dogs, Sunset Overdrive, and Forza Horizon 2. That’s just a very partial list of titles that will be getting discounted for Xbox One gamers, though Titanfall is one very notable omission at this point.

Aside from the Xbox One, which now sells for as low as $349.99 without Kinect (only up until the end of the year), what else can we expect from Microsoft? As Microsoft just announced its first non-Nokia Lumia phone, the Lumia 535, the Lumia 635 will reportedly get a price cut on November 24. And, as we stated earlier, there may be some deals forthcoming on Windows 8-powered laptops, so do hang tight as we continue awaiting more details on Microsoft’s Black Friday 2014 offerings.

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