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Newegg’s Elite 10 Deals: Must-Have Tech Items Available at Discounted Prices - Gadget Insiders


Newegg’s Elite 10 Deals: Must-Have Tech Items Available at Discounted Prices


Just like most other major retailers in the United States, the deals never stop at Newegg. Regardless of the season, regardless whether there’s an upcoming holiday or not, the company offers discounted tech items all 365 days of the year, or 366 if you’re thinking of leap years. And why not? There’s nothing like buying an item you’ve always wanted because you found out it was surprisingly cheap when you looked for it by chance.

Newegg is also known for the catchy names and themes it gives to its tech specials, and today, we shall be looking at the retailer’s “Elite 10,” or “IT Must Haves.” We’re talking about laptops, computer peripherals, and hard drives, all available for considerably lower prices than they usually sell for. So with that being said, we won’t waste any more of your time, as we shall enumerate some of the items selling as part of these “Elite 10” specials. Let’s get to the deals.

The Acer Aspire laptop configuration with an Intel Core i5 processor, 8 GB RAM, a 1 TB hard drive, an NVIDIA GeForce 940M graphics card, and Windows 10 Home is a great productivity machine for its price, since you get a terabyte of storage space, and some nice fundamentals in the RAM and graphics department if you’re a graphics designer. Pricing used to be $749.99, but Newegg is now selling this laptop for $499.99.

Newegg’s Elite 10 Deals: Must-Have Tech Items Available at Discounted Prices

Hard drives are also among the many items available for less on Newegg’s website, and the Seagate Barracuda 2 TB internal hard drive is one of two included in the “Elite 10” listing. Pricing is now $59.99, down from $99.99, and all you need to do to get this deal is enter the promo code specified – that’s ESCKAAW72. Also available on the cheap with its own promo code (ESCKAAW22) is the WD Blue 1 TB internal hard drive. This is Newegg’s second hard drive included among its Elite 10, and you can now buy it for $47.99,or $22 less than the original price of $69.99.

You can also get the Samsung 850 PRO 256 GB SSD with promo code EMCKAAW23, and Newegg claims the price is “too low to show.” Since we’ve done the research for you, we can tell you that it’s now $139.99, down only $10 from original pricing of $149.99, but s till discounted nonetheless.

Newegg also has monitors listed among its top tech deals for the week. The Acer G7 G237HLbi 23-inch monitor is selling for almost 50 percent off, as you can now buy it for $109.99, or $90 less than the list price of $199.99. Again, you’ll need to enter a promo code here – that’s EMCKAAW25. There’s also an Intel motherboard from gaming PC giant MSI – it’s a gaming motherboard you can buy for $124.99, or $25 off original pricing of $149.99. And if you want a more complete, comprehensive gaming component deal, the EVGA GeForce GTX 980 video card is also listed as “too low to show.” Originally, it was priced at $519.99, but it now sells for $484.99, with the option for another $20 off via mail-in rebate. Buyers also get a free copy of Rainbow Six Siege or Assassin’s Creed Syndicate as part of this purchase.

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