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Nokia Lumia 1025 Concept: A Windows 8.1-Powered Version of Lumia 1020



When Nokia launched its Lumia 1020 last month, that confirmed months of rumors regarding the “EOS”, a Nokia Windows Phone with a 41-megapixel rear camera. Despite that high-end spec, and also because of that high-end spec, the Lumia 1020 is largely considered a niche device rather than a true flagship – like the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, it is thought of as a “camera phone” best appreciated by hardcore photography geeks rather than casual smartphone camera users.

Nokia Lumia 1025 Concept: A Windows 8.1-Powered Version of Lumia 1020

Photo credit: Bob Freking

Recently, a well-known concept phone designer came up with his idea for an upgraded Lumia 1020, a device he refers to as the “Nokia Lumia 1025.”

The Lumia 1025 of designer Bob Freking is largely based on the actual Lumia 1020, and boasts of the same 41-megapixel rear camera that made the Lumia 1020 such a unique device; many of the Lumia 1020’s unique camera features are also in there. What appears to be quite different here is the operating system, which appears to be Windows 8.1. No, not Windows Phone 8.1, but Windows 8.1, as it appears. That should make for an interesting device, especially since features such as a Xenon flash, PureView optical image stabilization, Rich Recording for audio and the Pro Cam application are all available.

Freking’s concept device is powered by an Intel Atom chipset under the hood, while the Lumia 1025, which Freking calls “the ultimate smartphone”, comes with Full HD resolution and ClearBlack PureMotion HD+ technology.

At first glance, this device may look like an incremental update, but even if it isn’t, we must bear in mind that it is a concept phone, and not an official Nokia device by any means. The Lumia 1020 is available exclusively in the United States on AT&T, at a contract price of $299 upfront.

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