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PlayStation 4 Release Date Believed to Take Place on November 13



While Microsoft had, at the very least, announced a November 2013 release date for the Xbox One, those wanting to buy Sony’s PlayStation 4 were left guessing when in the 2013 holiday season they can expect the console to drop. The holiday quarter, after all, covers the months October, November and December, and most consumers will certainly agree that the lack of a specific release date or even a release month can be very frustrating.

PlayStation 4 Release Date Believed to Take Place on November 13

Photo credit: Sony

Fortunately, new reports suggest not only a specific month in which the PS4 would be released, but also the specific date.

A recent sighting of an Amsterdam in-store display says it all – the text is in English, and it clearly specifies “Release: 13 November 2013” with the PS4 console pictured on top of the date. After the NeoGaf forum member known as Cyborg posted his sighting of the in-store display, another user made a similar claim. The reader, who goes by the name DrM, said that he had spotted a similar in-store display in Austria. Further, Dutch retailer Media Markt also has the PS4’s release date listed as November 13, with a price point of 399 Euros for the device.

Yet another Dutch source has corroborated the above rumors with an interesting statement that was posted on the forum site. According to the translated post, the PS4 is confirmed for a November 13 release, and the person who had shared this information had allegedly “received promotional materials from Sony” that specified November 13 as the release date.

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