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PlayStation 4 Spotted In FCC Listing


It might sound too early to talk about the PlayStation 4 passing through the FCC, but Sony’s next-generation console has apparently passed the FCC’s certification criteria some four to five months ahead of its rumored release date.

PlayStation 4 Spotted In FCC ListingIncluded in the FCC certification for the PS4 is a schematic drawing of the upcoming console, which reveals nothing new, considering that Sony unveiled the PS4 console itself (and not just the controller) at last month’s E3. It does corroborate some of the PS4’s under-the-hood specifications, such as a 2.75 GHz AMD Jaguar processor that should help the device offer much-improved graphical quality and performance as compared to the PlayStation 3.

Interestingly, the FCC listing suggests that the PS4 is being manufactured in Japan and China – this hints at Sony having facilities in both countries, and having enough capability to manufacture enough units for the initial shipment of the device. It’s worth noting that Amazon and GameStop have both put a stop to PS4 and Xbox One Launch Edition pre-orders, while other retailers are still allowing consumers to pre-order either console.

The PS4 will be released sometime in the holiday 2013 quarter at a price point of $399, which doesn’t include the device’s camera peripheral, which has to be purchased separately, or a la carte. Rumors suggest that the PS4 may hit stores before Black Friday, and that Sony might try to one-up Microsoft by releasing the PS4 before the Xbox One.

Exclusive PS4 launch day titles include Drive Club, Killzone: Shadow Fall and Knack, while the first quarter of 2014 should see Infamous: Second Son and other titles get launched for the PS4.

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