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PS4 Deals – Get a New PlayStation 4 for Just $275


Sony may have sat back and watched in the holiday quarter as Microsoft discounted the Xbox One from November to December and sold the console for $50 less, regardless of version. But that seems to be changing this month, following Microsoft’s strong performance in the holiday quarter; Sony is now selling the PlayStation 4 for just $275 this month, though as is always the case when a present-gen console sells for so much less than full retail, there are twists.

The PlayStation 4 has been out in the market for more than a year now, having hit stores in November 2013 at a full retail price of $399. And while the next Black Friday shopping season may be a good nine months away, you can save $125 off the price of the PS4, provided you’re willing to trade in a qualifying PS3 or Xbox 360. Yes, it’s that operative word again – qualifying – so do pay attention as we discuss the mechanics of these PS4 deals.

PS4 Deals – Get a New PlayStation 4 for Just $275

For starters, GameStop allows buyers to save $125 toward the price of the PS4, thereby reducing its price to $275. Qualified consoles for this deal are the 120 GB PS3 and the 250 GB Xbox 360, so be sure you’re aware of this before trading in your old gaming console. You can also trade in consoles with greater storage than the minimum amounts, but you’ll still be saving $125 off the price of the PS4. There are also a few more catches to keep in mind – the trade-in console needs to be in good working condition with all components complete, and all trades will be subject to the approval of a GameStop manager. The GameStop deal runs through March 1, so you’ve still got about two weeks and change to take advantage of it.

Best Buy is also offering a trade-in deal for the PS4, though the discount – one hundred dollars – is slightly less. Qualifying consoles include the 120 GB PS3, though the trade-in value for an old Xbox 360 is only $50. That means you’ll be better off heading to GameStop if you own an Xbox 360 with 250 GB storage and want to trade it in to get a cheaper price on the PS4. But the Best Buy trade-in deal involving an old PS3 and a new PS4 isn’t bad at all, as it reduces the price of the latter console to $299. You’ll also be getting a bundled-in digital download voucher for The Last of Us Remastered to sweeten the deal.

Of course, there is another way to get a PS4 on the cheap this February, one that doesn’t involve any sort of trade-ins – you’ll want to give this a try if you own a smaller-capacity PS3 or Xbox 360, or one that has a few missing components or is no longer in working condition. This would involve purchasing a used or refurbished PS4, and while you’ll have to deal with the fact that such a console may no longer be in 100 percent pristine condition, at least you can save some money by purchasing the hardware at Amazon Warehouse, or other related retailers.

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