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How to Reset a Frozen Samsung Galaxy S6?


Although the Samsung Galaxy S6 was released this month with a much-improved set of fundamentals, simpler and more useful features, and a metal frame, there were also some trade-offs when it came to the Korean company’s “latest and greatest.” For example, the phone comes with a non-removable battery, and it doesn’t have microSD expansion either; previous Galaxy S flagships came with removable batteries and microSD support. And with that in mind, you also have to think of the chance of the device freezing up, though this appears to be a very rare problem. So what’s to do if your Galaxy S6 freezes?

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Time was, it was as simple as removing the back cover of your Samsung Galaxy, removing the battery, and rebooting your phone. But now, users will have to do a hard reboot on their Galaxy S6 – fortunately, though, it isn’t as “hard” as you think, as the Galaxy S6 does come with an option that allows users to easily perform a hard reboot without the usual hassles that come with such a process. This should only be done if the Galaxy S6 is seriously playing up and doesn’t want to respond, as opposed to merely being laggy.

Performing a hard reboot on the Galaxy S6 is as simple as holding down the power button on the middle right of the device, and doing so simultaneously with the volume down key. Keep those two buttons held down for seven seconds.

If your Galaxy S6 was frozen at the time you performed the hard reboot, that would effectively reboot the phone, and you should be able to use the phone as normal. There is, however, a chance that your phone may reboot to Samsung’s all-new maintenance mode.

Now if that happens, the device will prompt you to do a factory data reset – this wipes everything from your Galaxy S6, so proceed with extreme caution. Instead, boot your phone into safe mode to disable third-party apps and isolate any app that may have caused the freezing. You can also turn the phone off while on maintenance boot mode. Just as long as you don’t end up doing a factory reset, everything on your phone should be safe.

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