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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 May Not Be Much Bigger than Galaxy Note 2


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 May Not Be Much Bigger than Galaxy Note 2


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 May Not Be Much Bigger than Galaxy Note 2 The ongoing debate regarding the Samsung Galaxy Note 3’s expected screen size has been quite a confusing one. Depending on which source you read, the Galaxy Note 3 could either come with a 5.9-inch or a 6.3-inch display, or it could also be 5.8 inches. Then there’s the Galaxy Fonblet, a rumored low-cost phablet that is now expected to be released under Galaxy Mega branding. That device’s screen size has also been part of the 5.8-, 5.9- or 6.3-inch display debate.

Now we have rumors of the Galaxy Mega coming in separate 5.8-inch and 6.3-inch variants.

SamMobile, which has quite a solid track record in terms of Samsung rumor accuracy, said in its latest report on the Fonblet/Mega that the device will come in two variants, one with a 5.8-inch screen and model number GT-I9152, and the second one, model number GT-I9200, coming with a 6.3-inch display. These two devices are tipped to be out in the market before the Galaxy Note 3, which many have slated for a possible IFA 2013 reveal in September.

If anything, the rumor of two Galaxy Mega versions has further thickened the plot and made it even more of anyone’s guess as to how large the Galaxy Note 3’s display would be.

As it may be a peculiar decision on Samsung’s part to release a Galaxy Note 3 with a very similar screen size to the Galaxy Mega variants, this could make the Galaxy Note 3’s screen size just a smidgen larger than that of the Galaxy Note 2, maybe 5.6 or 5.7 inches. Or it could be 5.5 inches as well.

Maybe the 5.9-inch Galaxy Note 3 rumor still holds a bit of water. It may be months before something more definite emerges, but one thing’s for sure – the issue of the Galaxy Note 3’s possible display size has become more complicated than ever.

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