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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Rumored to Get ‘Samsung Orb’ Feature


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Rumored to Get ‘Samsung Orb’ Feature


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Rumored to Get ‘Samsung Orb’ FeatureIn the morass of rumors that was swirling ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S4’s unveiling last month, there was an interesting report indicating that impressive hardware specifications won’t be the only thing that the South Korean manufacturer’s latest flagship would have going for it. It’s naturally a given that unique software features would end up as part of the mix, but a report from Android Geeks claimed that Samsung was working on a feature known as the S Orb, a 360-degree panorama that seemed intended as an alternative to Android 4.2’s Photo Sphere, which is found on the Google-branded Nexus devices.

Unfortunately, the Galaxy S4’s launch event came and went without a mention of S Orb, an absence that was attributed to the company’s failure to get the software running to a convincing degree by the launch event.

However, Android Geeks has now followed up its original report, saying that the feature would end up baked into the Galaxy Note 3, which is due to arrive later this year. Given Samsung’s usual practice, it’s a pretty good bet that the same feature would arrive on its other high-end smartphones as part of a firmware update.

If we’re lucky, S Orb could even arrive in the same package that brings Samsung’s 2013 offerings up to Android 5.0.

Citing the same software engineer who tipped them off earlier, the source also added that Samsung was working closely with Facebook to integrate the quick sharing of images captured using S Orb into the social networking giant.

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