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Samsung Galaxy S6 Concept Video Teases Device Ahead of MWC 2015 - Gadget Insiders


Samsung Galaxy S6 Concept Video Teases Device Ahead of MWC 2015


In just two weeks from now, the Samsung Galaxy S6 will be arriving at the 2015 Mobile World Congress, debuting on March 1 at a Samsung Unpacked event. And thanks to tech site Gotta Be Mobile and reputed concept phone designer Martin Hajek, we’ve now got an advance glance at what the device may look like when it finally gets revealed.

The participation of Hajek was crucial, as Samsung is very well-known for being secretive about the design of its upcoming devices. When a handset is being tested ahead of its launch, Samsung wraps it in “camouflage,” meaning a phone case, much like car manufacturers disguise the appearance of upcoming models in advance road tests. So with that in mind, we really can’t say for sure how the Galaxy S6 will look like.

However, Hajek sees the Galaxy S6 as a device with a metal frame, not unlike that of the Galaxy Alpha, a midrange phone that debuted last year as Samsung’s first metal handset. He also sees the Galaxy S6 coming with a metal and glass design that doesn’t completely compromise on features – in other words, you’ll still be able to insert SD cards, but you won’t be able to replace the battery if need be.

In terms of design lines, it seems that Hajek tried to marry the iPhone 6-esque lines seen on a leak from that showed off the Galaxy S6’s frame, with classic Galaxy Note 4 design language. The glass back is also prominently featured on the concept, as it shows how such a design element could appear on Samsung’s next flagship phone release.

Moving on to the Galaxy S6 concept’s specifications, Hajek and Gotta Be Mobile delivered a device that comes with a 5-inch display that’s well off what we’ve been hearing through the grapevine. Most rumors point to a 5.3-inch or 5.5-inch display, but the concept phone is similar in size to the existing Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S5. Gotta Be Mobile also pointed out that it’s very likely the Galaxy S6 will have 2560 x 1440 resolution, which would translate to pixel density of 587 ppi. Dimensions are 143.30 x 70.81 x 6.91 millimeters, which meshes with leaked information on the device.

As for other Galaxy S6 basics, the concept phone has a 16-megapixel rear sensor that’s slightly jutting out to allow for optical image stabilization and not compromise the Galaxy S6’s thin, rakish profile. Users can also look forward to an eight-core Samsung Exynos chipset and 3 GB RAM for the powertrain, 32/64/128 GB internal storage options with microSD, and Android 5.0 Lollipop with the Samsung TouchWiz UX.

Lastly, the Galaxy S6 concept also left some room to highlight certain features, such as the sensors near the ear speaker, which should allow for users to simply look at the phone to ensure the display remains on. The concept also touched on the possibility of an improved fingerprint reader and the continued presence of a heart rate monitor, both of which were supposed to be key selling points on the Galaxy S5. The headphone jack is now on the bottom, while the microUSB port is no longer covered by a flap, which hints that the Galaxy S6 won’t be a water-resistant device like the Galaxy S5. And in other feature placement notes, the device’s power and volume controls remain as they were on the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4.

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