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Samsung Galaxy S6 Rumors Fire Up as Galaxy S5 Turns Seven Months Old - Gadget Insiders


Samsung Galaxy S6 Rumors Fire Up as Galaxy S5 Turns Seven Months Old


Although, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is “only” approaching its seventh month in carrier and retail stores, new rumors are beginning to tease Samsung’s next big thing, the yet-unannounced Galaxy S6.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Rumors Fire Up as Galaxy S5 Turns Seven Months Old

Before we move on to these new Galaxy S6 rumors, it might be helpful to travel back in time for a quick historical backdrop. At the 2014 Mobile World Congress, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S5, revealing a device that many felt was merely evolutionary, and not the revolutionary game-changer one would expect out of Samsung.

Nonetheless, the Galaxy S5 was very strong fundamentally, with its share of improved specs, and it did come with some unique new features, including a heart rate monitor. When the Galaxy S5 finally got released in the second week of April 2014, it wasn’t long before we heard whispers that the phone was selling below forecasts, and those rumors were confirmed a few months thereafter, on Samsung’s quarterly financial reports.

Currently, Samsung’s hopes are pinned mainly on its new flagship phablet, the Galaxy Note 4, but now that we’re covering the immediate present once again, it stands to reason that Samsung’s best chance of recovering from its tailspin would be its next Galaxy S flagship, the Galaxy S6. The few rumors we’ve heard about the Galaxy S6 have been rather wild in nature, but one of the most reliable sources of Samsung-related rumors has chimed in with a new report that hints at some details regarding the Galaxy S6 – release details, in particular.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Rumors Fire Up as Galaxy S5 Turns Seven Months Old

Just to be clear, “release details” do not exclusively pertain to a device’s release date, and with that out of the way, SamMobile now claims that Samsung is working on a device that’s filed under the “Project Zero” initiative. Previously, the Galaxy S4 was known behind closed doors as Project J, while the Galaxy S5 was dubbed Project K. It appears that Project Zero refers to a reboot of sorts, a shift in the Galaxy S paradigm as we know it, and hopefully that game-changing smartphone that could help Samsung return with a vengeance and make a huge turnaround. There was no tentative release date or release window mentioned by Sam Mobile in its report, but it may be a safe guess that we’ll be seeing the Galaxy S6 get launched at MWC 2015, which runs from March 2 to March 5, and get released about a month and a half later.

At the moment, there aren’t any rumored specs or features to be found, and it’s possible that Samsung is still in the process of testing prototypes and seeing what spec and/or feature set would work best for its next big thing. Samsung may also be testing different designs, and that may include different build materials and finishes, other than the glossy plastic setup Samsung had traditionally used up until the Galaxy S5.

But that’s where the name “Project Zero” comes in – it could be a total refresh of the Galaxy S initiative, and that could include a more premium build and, at long last, markedly different design lines and curves. It could also mean an introduction of major spec and/or feature upgrades, though once again, it’s still too early to make really accurate predictions on that front.

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