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Samsung Galaxy S6 Rumors Keep Swirling One Week Before MWC - Gadget Insiders


Samsung Galaxy S6 Rumors Keep Swirling One Week Before MWC


We’ve only got one week to go before the 2015 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, and as we all know by now, March 1 will be the date when Samsung will be launching the Galaxy S6 as one of many companies to hold immediate pre-MWC pressers. We don’t need to remind you that the Galaxy S6 is the most anticipated Android phone of the moment, but since rumors regarding the device are still firing up ahead of MWC 2015, we’ve decided to round the newer ones up for you and give you the lowdown on the Samsung Galaxy S6 with a week to go before Samsung’s Unpacked press event.

To frame this story a bit, we will remind you that Galaxy S6 rumors had been running rampant even before the Galaxy S5 was considered old by most standards. But therein lay the problem – the Galaxy S5 did feel old rather quickly, and the numbers didn’t lie, as Galaxy S5 sales were far from what Samsung had expected. Now we’ve got a spate of Galaxy S6 rumors to analyze, and while Samsung isn’t outright referring to its next flagship as the Galaxy S6 (it uses the name “The Next Galaxy”), it is certainly doing its part to tease the device and keep consumers interested with MWC 2015 fast approaching. With that now out of the way, let’s get to the latest Galaxy S6 rumors, and those we feel have a best chance of ringing true.

Samsung is well-known for its secrecy when it comes to flagship phone design – when it tests these devices, the mules people see are invariably protected by camouflage, so as to avoid the design leaking out. But thanks to designers Ivo Maric and Jermaine Smit, we did get a look quite recently at how the Galaxy S6 may appear, and while the designers’ render is merely a concept, it’s supposedly based on leaked schematics. Maric and Smit’s video shows off a Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge looking much more expressive than previous Samsung Galaxies ever had. That said, both phones still have a ways to go before they reach iPhone or HTC One levels of flashiness, but it’s a good start nonetheless.

The Galaxy S6’s specifications all point to a device that’s got much better fundamentals than the Galaxy S5, and the latest report from SamMobile suggests that the device will again sport a 16-megapixel rear camera, albeit with new features and improvements to existing ones. That’s a good call, considering how megapixel ratings tend to be overrated – see the iPhone for more information. The phone’s battery, according to leaks from Weibo, may be a 2,600 mAh unit, which is actually smaller than the Galaxy S5’s battery by 200 mAh, but that shouldn’t be an issue if the Exynos 7 processor proves to be as power-efficient as Samsung claims it is.

Talking about release details, we’ve seen Spigen offer a total of nine Galaxy S6 accessories ahead of the device’s launch, and they’re all showing a release date of April 1. That date is most probably a placeholder, but another case manufacturer, ItsSkins, announced recently that its Galaxy S6 cases will be available for pre-order starting on March 15. This makes it very likely that Samsung will be shooting for an early April release for the Galaxy S6, possibly one in line with rumors that the device would be hitting stores about two weeks earlier in the calendar than the Galaxy S5 did last year.

We should also note that a few Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge variants have taken pit stops at the Global Certification Forum. That’s another sign that the devices may be out in the market a bit earlier than what most may expect.

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