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Samsung Galaxy S6 Sightings - Could New Flagship Phone Have Gotten 11th Hour Leak? - Gadget Insiders


Samsung Galaxy S6 Sightings – Could New Flagship Phone Have Gotten 11th Hour Leak?


The Samsung Galaxy S6 is arriving, or getting unveiled on March 1 – this is common knowledge to everyone at this point in the game. But apart from some unofficial renders from two leading concept designers, we haven’t really gotten a chance to see the Galaxy S6 out in the wild, thanks largely to Samsung’s well-known secrecy with regards to unannounced flagships. But a new sighting for the Galaxy S6 emerged on Wednesday, courtesy of an XDA-Developers forum member.

The device on the leaked photos appears to be an AT&T phone, and while it isn’t stated what type of phone it is, the device does seem to resemble the Galaxy S6 based on previous rumors and leaks. Of course, it’s entirely possible that the sighted handset is a similar phone to the Galaxy S6, but not the exact same device, but the similarities are too uncanny for us to ignore. While a bit blurred, it’s clear that the phone is made out of metal and glass, which meshes with Galaxy S6 rumors we’ve heard ahead of the MWC 2015 unveiling.

Samsung Galaxy S6

Feature placement, on the other hand, looks more similar to that of the iPhone, but then again, we seriously doubt we’re looking at an iPhone sighting just a few months after the iPhone 6/6 Plus release.

Those aren’t the most interesting takeaways from the sighting, however. The indent on the leaked, purported Galaxy S6 is similar to that on a previous Galaxy S6 sighting that focused on the device’s metal chassis. Going back to features, the leaked Galaxy S6 does have a rounded home button, which is another thing we’ve been hearing about in rumors, but not exactly discussed in depth as the home button is a very basic feature. But rumor has it that Samsung will be introducing an improved fingerprint sensor on the Galaxy S6, and if that sensor can truly give Touch ID a run for its money, then we could be talking about a very salient selling point for the next-generation flagship phone.

Still on the topic of features and feature placement, the front camera on the mystery device/Galaxy S6/Galaxy S6 mule appears to be placed similarly to what we’ve seen on Galaxy S6 case leaks. Again, we must remind you of the brazen nature of accessory manufacturers – they tend to base their new cases on unofficial leaks that emerge ahead of a launch, and are often proven wrong. But this is another similarity worth taking note of, which could mean some of these accessory makers are right.

Finally, as far as design lines go, the leaked Galaxy S6 does have that new, more rakish design we’ve been hearing about, as well as seeing on concepts, such as the aforementioned render from Ivo Maric and Jermaine Smit. Samsung has long been criticized for its bland, play-it-safe approach to flagship phone design, and a look at the leaked photos suggests that the company is no longer afraid to create an edgy, expressive flagship that shouldn’t fall short in the design department when it gets launched on Sunday, March 1, at the 2015 Mobile World Congress in Spain.

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