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Spotify Now Available for PS3 and PS4 - Gadget Insiders


Spotify Now Available for PS3 and PS4


spotifyAlthough, more subtle in its attempts than Microsoft, Sony seems to be pushing the PlayStation as an all-around entertainment device, and we got a hint of that this week as the company started rolling PlayStation Music out. But in a more groundbreaking development, Sony also made Spotify available for PS3 and PS4 users for the very first time, allowing PS4 users in specific to stream from their Spotify Music collections without the need to plug their handsets into their TV sets.

To be more accurate, the name of the new service is PlayStation Music Featuring Spotify – a rather long and unwieldy name, but one that cuts to the chase and identifies the main selling point. It’s a free app for Sony’s Xperia handsets, and it allows device owners to stream almost any type of content from Spotify. PS4 and PS3 consoles are slowly, but surely getting the new feature as of Monday, so if you haven’t gotten it yet on your PlayStation, you may have to be patient.

Entering PlayStation Music directly links device owners to Spotify, and if you own a PS4, you’ll immediately notice playlists specifically tailored to your musical interests. You can check the music on your collection under Your Music, and look for new songs to add in Browse. Likewise, you can choose the genre or mood you want to focus on, and Spotify will automatically choose music that fits your preferred genre or the mood you’re in. You’ll still be getting the same array of about 30 million songs to choose from, including several user-created playlists.

Prior to the announcement of the new PS Music app, Sony had its own music service known as PlayStation Music Unlimited. This service let users stream music from online catalogs to their Sony phones or tablets, PS4, or PS Vita.

However, it couldn’t quite compete with the likes of Spotify and Pandora. With the announcement of PlayStation Music Featuring Spotify, that essentially served as the death knell for the old PS Music Unlimited. Those who had accounts under the old service as of March 29 will receive two months of Spotify Premium free of charge, and Sony and Spotify will let users merge their two accounts and get billed for Spotify Premium on the card they use for PlayStation Plus transactions.

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