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Staples July 4 Savings – Have a Happy Independence Day with These Tech Deals


Staples July 4 Savings - Have a Happy Independence Day with These Tech DealsToday is the Fourth of July, and while retailers have been discounting several of their top items for the past few days, it’s not too late to take advantage of those specials. For example, Staples is still offering a number of tech products at discounted prices, and these include devices like the Kindle Fire HD, a tablet that has since been replaced by the Kindle Fire HDX as Amazon’s newest tablet release, but remains a viable option for those looking for a simpler tablet that can do the job. The company is also selling laptops, desktops, smartphone accessories, peripherals, and other tech-related items, all at competitive discount prices. Read on as we take a look at Staples’ Fourth of July deals as of Independence Day itself.

The Kindle Fire HD, as we mentioned above, is available at a lower price on Staples for this week, and buyers can now get the 7-inch version with 8 GB storage for $119. That’s $20 off the list price of $139 – not an overwhelming discount, but a solid one that makes the Fire HD one of the best “budget” tablets you can purchase right now.

But if you’re looking for something bigger, then you can try the Lenovo Yoga 10.1” 16 GB tablet, which is currently available for $249.99 instead of the regular price of $299.99. In both cases, you’ll have to make it quick, as these tablets are only on sale up until the end of tomorrow, July 5.

Buyers in the market for a new laptop have a few affordable choices to choose from, including the HP 15.6-inch laptop with model number 15-r063nr. This configuration includes 4 GB RAM and 500 GB hard drive space, which makes this a decent budget laptop that should be good enough for simpler work or gaming purposes. Pricing is now $379.99, or $120 less than the original price of $499.99.

Staples is also selling a Dell Inspiron laptop with 15.6-inch display, with specifications that include an Intel Core i3 processor, 4 GB RAM, and a 500 GB hard drive. Original pricing was also set at $499.99, though this laptop is a bit more expensive than the first one, selling at a discount price of $399.99. Both deals also expire tomorrow, July 5, so it goes without saying that you’ll need to make it quick if either laptop interests you.

If you own an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S-series device, then you may also want to check out the Staples website, as the retailer also has some specials on smartphone cases. And since these deals also expire on July 5, that gives you about a day to take advantage of the 25 percen discount Staples is currently offering.

The Belkin Ease-Fit Armband for iPhone 5 is available for $14.99 (reg. price $19.99), while the EaseFit Sport Armband for iPhone 4s can be purchased for slightly more than that, at $18.74 (reg. price $24.99). Finally, the Belkin-Slim Fit Armband for Galaxy S4 is currently priced at $26.24, or close to eight dollars less than the full retail price of $26.24.

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