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Target Offers Amiibo Discounts, $50 Gift Cards for PS4 as Top Easter Gaming Deals - Gadget Insiders


Target Offers Amiibo Discounts, $50 Gift Cards for PS4 as Top Easter Gaming Deals


PS4 DealsTarget wants gamers to save some money on Easter week, as the retailer is offering some nice deals for console gamers, including discounts on Amiibo figures for the Nintendo Wii U and $50 gift cards for PlayStation 4 buyers.

It was on Sunday when reports on Target’s video game deals first started firing up, as the company posted online advertisements that hinted at big discounts on new and popular games, and deals on gaming consoles. While most of these deals are what we refer to as “deals with a twist,” the important thing is that you can save some money somehow. So what’s in it for you if you’re looking for some Easter Week savings on some gaming products?

For starters, PlayStation 4 buyers can get a $50 gift card from Target should they purchase the PS4 bundle with The Last of Us Remastered as part of the package. That, in effect, saves you close to $100, as Amazon’s pricing on The Last of Us Remastered is now $47.49, while the bundle’s full retail price is the same as a regular a la carte PS4.

The $50 gift card can only be redeemed toward future purchases, and are limited to one bundle per customer; this won’t apply if you’re buying one bundle for yourself and one for someone else who also wants a new PS4. And if you’re an Xbox One gamer, the Master Chief Collection Xbox One bundle is now available for $349.99.

Buyers who want to save some money on individual titles can get discounts on NBA 2K15, MLB 15: The Show, Grand Theft Auto 5, Battlefield Hardline, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, and other popular games. Actually, this is another “deal with a twist” regardless if you’re on the Xbox One or PS4; the titles are part of Target’s buy one get one deals on video game titles.

Moving on to the Wii U, we did mention earlier that Target is also offering discounts on Amiibo figures. There’s no “twist” to these deals, as the retailer’s deals involve a straight-up 25 percent discount on Amiibo, Disney Infinity, and Skylanders figures. This is very important, as these figures are normally sold at full price, and are only placed in discount if they’re re-sold as used items through GameStop or other retailers.

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