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Unlocked iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C Deals on Newegg – Big Discounts Available, But There’s a Catch - Gadget Insiders


Unlocked iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C Deals on Newegg – Big Discounts Available, But There’s a Catch


Unlocked iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C Deals on Newegg – Big Discounts Available, But There’s a CatchThe thing with purchasing unlocked phones from a third-party retail site is that pricing could get really exorbitant, often going hundreds of dollars more than the devices’ MSRP. One classic example of such is the iPhone, particularly the iPhone 5S. Unsubsidized, off-contract versions of the iPhone 5S can fetch prices of a thousand dollars on third-party retailer stores, but the good thing this holiday season, if it’s any consolation, is that unlocked iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C prices have gone down substantially, with Newegg offering a variety of deals on both devices.

The iPhone 5S normally sells at the rather premium price of $999 on Newegg, and that’s for the base 16 GB edition, and not the high-end 64 GB variant. For this holiday season, the iPhone 5S now costs $799.99, or 20 percent off, and this price point applies to the silver and space gray flavors.

Unfortunately, the gold unlocked iPhone 5S with 16 GB storage costs $899.99 – that’s a $10 discount, and $100 more than what one would have to pay for the silver or gray variants. The gold iPhone 5S, however, comes with a free obsidian black case, an offer that is good, as always, while supplies last. The free case is also available for purchases of the unlocked AT&T iPhone 5S, which also costs $799.99.

The iPhone 5S, as a recap of its basic specifications and features, was released in September 2013, and has since helped Apple post record sales figures on the iPhone, according to recent statistics. The device includes a 4-inch, 1136 x 640 display with Retina Display technology, a dual-core, 64-bit A7 processor with quad-core graphics and M7 motion processor baked in, 1 GB RAM, iOS 7, an enhanced 8-megapixel rear camera, as well as a Touch ID fingerprint reader as its primary selling feature.

Newegg is also offering deals on the iPhone 5C, Apple’s colorful handset that was released in September 2013 with the iPhone 5S as a lower-priced alternative for customers, particularly those from emerging markets. A lime green-flavored iPhone 5C, as well as pink, blue and yellow flavors, are selling for $589.99 unlocked and off-contract with Newegg – that’s 16 percent off, or $110 off the full retail price.

As you can see, even midrange unlocked phones like the iPhone 5C are selling at a more premium price with third-party retailers.

The iPhone 5C is Apple’s midrange offering for the year, and sports almost the same basic specs and internals as the iPhone 5 from last year – that includes an A6 processor, 1 GB RAM, a 4-inch, 1136 x 640 Retina Display, albeit with iOS 7 out of the box. Its main difference with the iPhone 5 is the fact that it ships with a plastic body, unlike flagship iPhones which feature aluminum as a primary build material.

Bigger discounts can be had for Apple’s older unlocked iPhones, including the iPhone 3GS, which sells for $284.99 on Newegg – that’s a discount of $43, or $215, off full retail. Newegg includes a detailed disclaimer for this item, though – in summation, the site warns buyers that some of its cell phones may have been previous locked to a mobile carrier, meaning some carrier restrictions may still apply.

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