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Watch Dogs Game Deal at Best Buy - Retailer Offers a Twist on New Video Game Deals - Gadget Insiders


Watch Dogs Game Deal at Best Buy – Retailer Offers a Twist on New Video Game Deals


Watch Dogs Game Deal at Best Buy - Retailer Offers a Twist on New Video Game DealsThe much-talked about Ubisoft title Watch Dogs hit stores on May 27, and while reviewers have been mostly given the game positive reviews, Watch Dogs has also come with some of the usual release day kinks for gamers, particularly those playing the PC version of the title. On Thursday, Ubisoft graphical technical director Sebastien Viard announced via Twitter that Watch Dogs for PC will be receiving a patch in the coming days, something that would allow the game to perform better on the aforementioned platform. He would also explain that the game’s intensity makes it “incredibly complex” to run smoothly on many PC configurations, though the main thing for PC gamers is the fact that they should be expecting a patch to arrive very soon.

If you haven’t picked up a copy of Watch Dogs just yet, you might want to do so now, as Best Buy is offering its own specials for the newly-released game.

However, this is one of those specials we like to call “deal with a twist.” The bad news is that Watch Dogs will be selling at full price, regardless of platform – Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 3 gamers will all pay full-fat pricing for Watch Dogs, or $59.99 without any discounts included. And the PC version isn’t included among the available options for those who want to take advantage of the deal.

That said, console gamers may find this an interesting deal, as purchasing Watch Dogs at the original list price of $59.99 would allow you to select as many other games as you want and save money on those titles. So which games are available for less if you buy an Xbox or PS version of Watch Dogs for $59.99?

Ryse: Son of Rome could be one good choice for Xbox One gamers, as it’s available for $54.99, or $5 off regular pricing, though it obviously isn’t available on Sony platforms, and not available for the Xbox 360. Conversely, Sony homebrew Killzone: Shadow Fall is available for $39.99 for the PS4, and the PS4 only, while Infamous: Second Son can only be chosen for the PS4 platform. The latter title is available for $51.99. And if you’re looking for PS3 titles you can save on when purchasing Watch Dogs, Drakengard 3 sells for $49.99, or $10 less.

Unfortunately, there are some titles, such as Forza Motorsport 5 for Xbox One, that are selling at full pricing, or $59.99, but that doesn’t mean Best Buy doesn’t have any other popular titles for you to choose from. You can definitely save on NBA 2K14, which is available for $55.99 for PS4 and $50.99 for Xbox One, and Grand Theft Auto V, which is available for both PS3 and Xbox 360, will cost you $52.99 ($7 off) if you’re opting for the PS3 edition. The Xbox 360 version, sadly, still sells at $59.99. Last, but not the least, Dark Souls II costs $54.99 for Xbox 360 and PS3 gamers, or $5 off the original price in both cases.

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