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Xbox 720 May Actually Be Known as Xbox Fusion


Xbox 720 May Actually Be Known as Xbox Fusion


Xbox 720 May Actually Be Known as Xbox FusionForget “Xbox 720”, “Next Xbox”, “New Xbox” or “Xbox Next.” Even the internal codename “Durango” will no longer hold water once Microsoft’s next-generation video game console will be launched on May 21. The latest next-gen Xbox rumor suggests that the console will be announced under the name “Xbox Fusion”, rather than “Xbox 720”, which is what most tech sites have used to colloquially refer to the device.

Prior to the “Fusion” rumor, the new Xbox was tipped as the “Xbox Infinity”, as a result of leaked promotional literature from Microsoft that had a logo resembling the infinity sign. Still, the fact that Microsoft isn’t the owner of the “” domain name effectively put a scotch on those rumors. For, tech site Fusible noted that that domain name was registered early in 2004 – nearly a decade ago – and that the URL redirects users to the official site. Other registered xboxfusion domains include .info, .biz, .de, and several others.

Even with less than three weeks before the launch event at Microsoft’s Redmond, Wash. Xbox campus, we can’t say for sure whether Fusion will indeed be the name of Microsoft’s next video game console.

Still, it makes sense if you think of the infinity logo, which consists of two loops interconnected to each other, as well as rumors of the next Xbox having deeper integration with other Microsoft products such as its Windows Phone devices, Windows-powered Surface tablets and Windows-based PCs.

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