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Xbox One Deals Surface at GameStop - Gadget Insiders


Xbox One Deals Surface at GameStop


With Black Friday still more than seven months away, Xbox One deals may seem a bit hard to come by. And the console isn’t any cheaper than it used to be, as Microsoft seems to be fine with the all-around entertainment device (as it wants to push it) and its price point. Fortunately, GameStop has one of those “deals with a twist” for the Xbox One.

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Apparently, GameStop had quietly launched a deal earlier in April, allowing Xbox One buyers to trade in their old Xbox 360 to get a lower price on the new console. Buyers who trade in their Xbox 360 with 250 GB storage or greater would be able to get in-store credit of $125. You’ll be able to pass that credit on to the Xbox One’s purchase price, which would effectively knock it down to $224. That’s $125 off the price of an Xbox One without Kinect, as the version with the Kinect 2 peripheral will still set you back by $499 without any credit.

The fact that this is a deal for upgraders or trade-in customers already puts it under the “deals with a twist” category. However, there may be some gotchas to be aware of before proceeding any further. The $125 in-store credit cannot be applied to another product purchased at GameStop – it has to go toward the price of a new Xbox One. So if you’re planning to use that credit toward a PS4 or any other gaming console, this is not the deal for you.

Additionally, GameStop will not allow buyers to trade in broken consoles, unless you’re fine with getting a lower credit than $125. Lastly, you’ll also need to make sure that your Xbox 360 still comes with its wireless controller and power cable.

This Xbox One deal is only valid through April 25, which means you’ve got four more days to take advantage of the greater trade-in credit; by the 26th, trade-ins will be back to their normal value. Still, if you want to save money on an Xbox One and it so happens you still have your old Xbox 360 in good condition, the timing couldn’t be better – paying an effective $224 for the Xbox One is not a deal you’ll find everyday.

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