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Xbox One, PS4 Bundles Will Be Offered by GameStop on Black Friday, Leaked Ad Reveals - Gadget Insiders


Xbox One, PS4 Bundles Will Be Offered by GameStop on Black Friday, Leaked Ad Reveals


At the moment, GameStop has remained silent on its deals for Black Friday 2014, not having made anything official yet. The retailer is likely to do so soon, as we’ve only got 10 more days before Black Friday, but tech blog Bfads jumped the gun, in a way, as it became the latest tech site to leak Black Friday ads ahead of the retailer making things 100 percent official.

On Monday, Bfads posted what seems to be legitimate Black Friday 2014 advertisements from GameStop, and it appears that the video game retailer will be offering some nice specials on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. While finding a non-discounted Xbox One or PS4 among last year’s Black Friday deals was the deal in itself, due to supplies being constrained in the consoles’ first few weeks in stores, you can actually get some discounts on the Xbox One or PS4, regardless of whether it’s a cash discount or some other “twist” discount that doesn’t involve any cuts to the list price.c

Xbox One, PS4 Bundles Will Be Offered by GameStop on Black Friday, Leaked Ad Reveals

GameStop’s Xbox One deal offers the Xbox One Holiday Value Bundle for only $329.99, which is $70 less than the suggested retail price of $399.99. Purchasing this bundle would get you the Xbox One console, plus digital download coupons for Assassin’s Creed Unity and Assassin’s Creed Black Flag, two games which represent “over $90 in value.” In other words, these deals could save you more than $160 as opposed to buying the $399 Xbox One without Kinect, plus the two Assassin’s Creed games as a la carte purchases.

Alternately, you can also add $100 to the above discount price and pay $429.99 for the Xbox One with Kinect Holiday Value Bundle. And if you’re shopping Black Friday or the Saturday after, you can save $30 on a 12-month Xbox Live subscription, provided you buy any Xbox console, may it be the Xbox One or the Xbox 360.

GameStop’s PS4 deal is another example of what we frequently call “deals with a twist” – no cash discount, but some sort of alternate way for consumers to save money. As the PS4 already costs $100 less than the Xbox One’s (with Kinect) list price, that’s probably the main reason why GameStop isn’t slashing its price, even a little bit. However, buyers will get free copies of Grand Theft Auto 5 and The Last of Us Remastered, both bundled in with the PS4. That’s an effective savings of about $120, as PS4 games typically cost $59.99 a pop, and since it’s quite common to find discounted copies of The Last of Us Remastered, we might as well note that GTA 5 is hitting stores today at full price, for $59.99.

Speaking of video game titles, GameStop has deals on them as well. If you’re looking for a 2014 game release such as Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition, you can get titles such as that for about $30 off, or half the original selling price, for Xbox One or PS4. But since NBA season has just started and a major WWE pay-per-view event (Survivor Series) is coming up this weekend, don’t expect major discounts on NBA 2K15 or WWE 2K15. You can also buy an Xbox One wireless controller for $44 at GameStop, which represents a solid $16 discount off the regular price of $60.

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